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This is your aIt will take us apporximatley 1 month to complete product research, design your store, create your ads, and launch your ads.

Yes, everything we create for you including your store, advertisements, and ads manager is 100% yours.

Shopify pays you out directly every business day via direct deposit.

Yes, we have several partners that have decided to sell their store for big profit!

It all depends on what you're willing to spend on ads. The bigger the budget, the more sales you will get. We've had partners reach $50k in sales within their first month.

We can work with all types of budgets. Whether you'd like to spend $50 a day or even $500 a day, we will work with your budget.

Yes, you have the option to go with a product that we pick or decide on something else that you have in mind.

Nope! you don't need to form a LLC or complete any other business filing when starting out. If you'd like to get one as your business grows, we can help with that.