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Who we are & our mission

We are a team of e-commerce experts based in Houston, TX with over 10 years of experience. Our team includes product researchers, web designers, advertisers, and product suppliers. We build and run e-commerce stores and create a true source of passive income for our partners.

From the beginning, it has been our mission to teach others about the power of e-commerce. We consider it a privilege to help others that are looking to make a difference. Our #1 goal is to make sure that we can help anyone, no matter how big or small. When our partners succeed, so do we.

What's e-commerce / dropshipping?

E-commerce is the business of selling good and services online. Some of these e-commerce platforms include ebay, Amazon, and what we specialize in, Shopify. Some big brands hosted on Shopify that you might've heard of include MVMT, Kylie Cosmetics, and GymShark.

Dropshipping is an e-commerce model where a business doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, the seller purchases inventory from a supplier and the supplier ships the order directly to the customer. You never have see or touch the product.

Why should I get into e-commerce?

By the end of 2022, the e-commerce industry will be responsible for $5.5 trillion in sales. Several store owners have seen better returns than the stock market and real estate. Now's the perfect time to get a piece of that pie!

Whether you're looking to escape your current 9-5, switch career paths, build a nest egg, buy a house, car, or even go on your dream vacation, e-commerce can help you reach your goals.

Our Process

With our help, we take out all the guess work of starting and running your own online business. First, we conduct extensive product research to find a profitable, scalable product that we can sell. We focus on mid to hight ticket products so we have enough margin for advertising costs. Next, we design a custom, trustable one product website that your customers can visit. Then, we create captivating video advertisements for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Lastly, we launch and your advertisements for you using your ad accounts. Once you launch your ads, all you have to do is fulfill orders, which is as simple as clicking a button. With our process, we've been able to achieve 5, 6, and even 7 figure months for our partners!

How much can I make and what are my expenses?

The amount of money you can make with e-commerce is truly limitless. As long as you stay profitable, you can scale your store to the moon. You will only ever have 2 major expenses. Product costs, and marketing costs. On average, these expenses will account for 50% of your sales. For instance, if your store does $100k in sales in 1 month, $25k of that will go towards your advertising costs, $25k towards your product costs, and $50k will be your net profit (take home). We aim for a 4x return on ad spend. Not too shabby if you ask me.